ZHU Paradise Awaits Pt 2

Paradise Awaits Pt. 2
Photo from MOAG’s SoundCloud page

Paradise Awaits Pt 2

Whoooo!! I’m a huge fan of ZHU, along with the rest of the world! Very strategic with his image and projects, ZHU is sure to put out fire tracks!

He emerged by taking over the internet and becoming the center of attention and talk via blogs and other sites with his “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” and “Faded” tracks. Probably one of the most talked about underground artists, ZHU keeps his doings very secretive. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s only done one interview since his come up. And in his interview he keeps information very “classified”. I’m pretty sure he does this to keep his fans hungry!

In his EP, The Nightday, he released six tracks, and among those is a track called “Paradise Awaits”. Of course, the track is gold, and I play it every time I have the chance. Today, about three hours ago from when this was written he released a ‘part two’ of “Paradise Awaits”. “Paradise Awaits Pt 2” is accompanied by Goldlink who drops some hip hop vocals over the remixed track, while keeping some of the original ZHU vocals. You’ll recognize some classic vocals too!