The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer
image: screenshot from The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

At the end of season 5, we were left hanging and wondering what the heck is happening. One thing is for sure, we were left with the hint that Rick is getting to be someone completely different that we’re used to. Rick said it himself that they need to take control of Alexandria and this trailer seems to prove that point and shows Rick going straight into “take-over” mode.

In the Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer we get a hint of what Rick is all about, and who will presumably stand up to him. Our old friend Morgan comes back and seems to think that he has what it takes to stop Rick. The old forgiving, hopeful, trusting Rick seems to be long gone — and a new, selfish, control-hungry Rick is showing his face. This season seems to focus on ‘civil war’ within the clan, betrayal, and regretful actions. It’s inevitable that we’re going to lose some characters, but who?