Milky Chance Stolen Dance Remix

Milky Chance Stolen Dance Remix

Here’s a nice edit to Milky Chance’s track, “Stolen Dance.” Adding some claps and kicks to it makes it a little bit easier to play out. DJs, this one is for you! Download it and play it out!

Audio: Find Your Love – DJ Nuñez Edit

drake find your love cover art

Sometimes I get inspired to make a new remix, this past week was one of those times! After making it, and listening to it about 100 times, and making about 20 edits to it, I’m finally happy with the outcome!

Here is my latest edit. It’s a bootleg with Drake‘s vocals over a nice-chill-trap beat.

Check it out, and share!!

Find Your Love – DJ Nuñez Edit

Audio: Moves Like Ms. Jackson


There is buzz on various blog sites about this track! Why? Because the artist chooses to remain anonymous. That’s right, no one knows if this is a heavyweight producer, or just someone in their basement making music. Either way its mind blowing and awesome!!

This track blends in some of Outkast’s most popular and well known tracks. And you can’t help at nod and sing along!

Check out this awesome track by this mystery artist!

Moves Like Ms. Jackson

Miley Cyrus Someone Else (Party Favor Remix)


The Trap scene is getting some major attention, as well at Miley Cyrus, so its only natural that the two clash, combine and create! Here is a Trap remix to Miley Cyrus’ “Someone Else”. Done up by Party Favor, this track seems to experiment with Miley’s vocals, but at the end of the day, seems to all flow and work out. Check out the remix below!

Miley Cyrus Someone Else (Party Favor Remix)