Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Booty Music Video

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Booty Music Video

JLo Booty Music Video

Inviting all the women to the dance floor JLo and Iggy team up for this track, “Booty“. There was a lot of buzz on the web when the teaser of this video was released a couple weeks back, but now everyone can enjoy the official Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Booty Music Video. Iggy Azalea assists JLo on this track, which is very appropriate considering the fame these two have. This song was originally going to be call “Big Booty” but JLo wasn’t interested in pursuing the song. After some time she decided to go with it and rename it as, “Booty”.

So far so good! This track has been getting some positive feedback, especially in the club. Definitely a good addition to the ‘booty songs‘ that have been popping up recently.

Check it out below and watch the official Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Booty Music Video!

DJ Mix: TwerkCity – Twerk Mix

twerk mix

Did somebody say, Twerk Mix?! Have you ever just had the need to twerk, have you woken yourself up by twerking in your sleep? As you walk around day-to-day does your booty seem to have a mind of it’s own? If so, you may need to see a counselor, but in the mean time, here’s and awesome twerk mix!!

This is the fifth installment of the And The Party Don’t Stop series. I decided to give this one a twerk twist! Check out the rest of the ATPDS mixes on the downloads page.

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