Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ – Trailer 1

soundtrack the story of the dj
DJ Zimmie YouTube

This film has been in the works for some time now, and we now get to see a glimpse of the production.

I’ve been following the movement for some time now, and following DJ Zimmie on social media and keeping up with the project, adequately named Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ. Zimmie is certainly putting in work, and that’s putting it lightly. Traveling here, traveling there, interview upon interview, this project is going to be huge!

The film will feature some greats like Qbert, Z-Trip, Atrak, and more. The idea behind the project is to bring to light the history of DJing. As Zimmie puts it, this will be the “history book of DJing.”

As Zimmie states on the Soundtrack: The Story of The DJ website:

“Soundtrack will be the first documentary to tell the complete story of the DJ.  My vision is to chronicle the amazing journey of the DJ from basements and rec rooms to the biggest festival stages and nightclubs on Earth; to give each era, style and evolutionary leap its place in the spotlight; to show the connecting threads tying different decades, genres and cultures from around the world together through the universal language of music via the conduit of DJs; to explain the technical aspects of what happens in the DJ booth; and to expose both the good and bad sides of the business that is DJing.” – Zimmie

Zimmie is an experienced DJ with more than a decade under his belt. His roster includes DJing for major corporations and sharing the stage with mainstream acts. He’s certainly suited to take on this project, and we as DJs are lucky to have someone like Zimmie bring this inception to life. Check out the first trailer (which was very appropriately released yesterday, National DJ Day) to Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ below. Are you getting as excited as I am?