Mixcloud: SoundCloud Import Tool Makes It Easy To Move Over

soundcloud import tool

Whether you are a DJ, or have DJ friends, undoubtedly you’ve heard much complaining about the heavy copyright restrictions that SoundCloud puts on its users. Personally, I’ve had several mixes, and many more single tracks taken down from the site due to copyright issues. This is a service that users pay for each month to keep a certain amount of allocated space to upload and host music. But we end up losing money if we keep getting our material taken down.

There have been many things taken into consideration about this issue, including other site options, boycotting the site, and even a petition to suggest a royalty and track citing service with each SoundCloud upload. Other DJs are making their way over to another music hosting site, Mixcloud, and now, it may be even easier to make the move!

The main difference between SoundCloud and Mixcloud is the fact that Mixcloud is a licensed Internet radio service. This means DJs don’t have to worry about copyright issues and take-downs. SoundCloud and Mixcloud were launched within a year, but the public seamed to gravitate towards SoundCloud more than the Mixcloud service. Soon, however, things may change. With so many headaches that users face with SoundCloud, and a new tool made available by Mixcloud, users may now be leaning towards Mixcloud even more. What is this new tool? The SoundCloud Import tool.

Mixcloud has made the SoundCloud Import tool publicly available as a beta, and it seems to be taking off already. I, myself, gave the import tool a shot, and it was very easy. When I say very easy, I mean extremely easy! Just click the import option, select the mixes you want, click done, and boom! For now, unless things change in the future, you can only import long-form content such as mixes and podcasts with the tool. Meaning you cannot import single track works like remixes and song edits.

mixcloud import tool

This is a monumental move for the Mixcloud company, and this may be the tool they need to convert SoundCloud users over to the Mixcloud service. So much complaining going around, that eventually SoundCloud users will get fed up and choose to go another direction. A very smart move on Mixcloud’s end if you ask me. If you have a both SoundCloud and Mixcloud, give it a shot, and if you’re feeling adventurous, come follow me!