Snoop Lion

In February Snoop Dogg announced he would be making a new record and a documentary. He went to Jamaica trying to find his “spirit” and a new path. While there, he embraced the authentic Jamaican culture and was renamed by the high priest of the temple he visited. Snoop accepted the new name, The Lion. On July 31, Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion. On July 20, Snoop Lion released the first single on the record, “La La La” (check it out below).

Snoop Lion says “f**k snoop dogg” and that he is tired of rap. This new record, Reincarnated, will have no rapping, just the love and vibe of reggae.

This new project will consist of three parts, the album, documentary, and a photo book.

Check out the short documentary below:

Ready for the first single off of the new record Reincarnated? Check it out:

How are y’all liking the new ‘Snoop Lion’?