Sia Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler

sia elastic heart
Screenshot from Elastic Heart Music Video

Sia Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler

The new Sia Elastic Heart video is getting a lot of attention across all internet platforms. But not everything is positive. Actually, since it was released it has been getting a lot of criticism and backlash. Many are stating that the video is creepy, and has a pedophilia undertone to it. In the video you see both performers running around in a cage, which later Maddie is able to fit between the bars leaving Shia behind. They both are dressed in an outfit that is skin colored, and at first glance looks as if they both are nude. They’re playful while running around and chasing each other, and because of the significant age different, Shia 28, and Maddie 12, people saw this as very inappropriate.

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On the other hand, others thought the video to be very artistic. Instead of pedophilia depictions, many saw it as interpretive dance, which interpretive dance in itself can bring out many emotions and meanings. As CNN states, “Though the video is probably better viewed as interpretative dance — as other commenters observed, it may be about Sia’s relationship with her father…” Viewers also made the connection that Maddie is the side of Sia that is full of life and energy, where Shia is the depressed, angry side. As one viewer states on the YouTube comments, “Maddie is the “manic” side […] Shia is the ‘depressive’ side […] Bipolar = Sia, this video is extremely easy to understand, of course the invincible “manic” side of her tried to free the rest of her & doesn’t understand ‘why’ she just gives up.” Other comments on the video were not as welcoming.

Perhaps it is left to the viewer’s interpretation. Sure, the age difference and the actions in the video may make it uncomfortable to see, but there could be a deeper meaning beside what is seen on the surface. Maybe the cage represents Sia’s mind, and Maddie represents her joy, youth and happiness. Where Shia represents her sorrow, depression, and anger. The two dance side by side, wrestle, and run away from each other, but can only go so far. Maybe we can go as far to say that she deliberately picked these two performers for a reason. Of course we see Maddie in the “Chandelier” video, obviously a preferred performer for Sia. But maybe Sia chose Maddie because of her youth, because she is still young, has her life in front of her and has so much to accomplish with her innocence and years to come. Shia LaBeouf, on the other hand, has the reputation of being washed up, and depressed. He’s done, so to speak. We even see at the end of the video that the joyful side tries to free the depressed side, without success.

Like art, many will have different opinions and views about this piece. Perhaps the best thing to do is approach it with an open mind and analyze it with an unbiased opinion, then dissect it appropriately. Check out Sia Elastic Heart, and see for yourself, the video that blew up on Twitter for its controversy.