Video: Ricky Jarman She’s Gone

Ricky Jarman- She's Gone

Ricky Jarman has been hard at work!! We’ve been in contact for some time now and his efforts and determination never go unnoticed! Definitely someone to keep up with if you don’t already!

This is his new track “She’s Gone” and straight from the YouTube channel this song is about:

…the lady he wants to be with walking out on him. He wonders out loud what he will do without her. Will life go on? Is there anything else to look forward to? He doesn’t know, so he is begging her to come back, so that he doesn’t have to find out. The video encapsulates the feelings of despair and the desperation to do something to get her off of his mind.

Check out Ricky Jarman “She’s Gone” and the music video below!

And if you’re wondering who the video vixen is (like I was) her name is Mikki May, and you can follow her on FACEBOOK

Check out some of the behind the scenes footage of the shoot!

Ricky Jarman She’s Gone