New Release: Ricky Jarman Get To Know Ya

Ricky Jarman Get To Know Ya

Ricky Jarman is back with another single! This one is called “Get To Know Ya.” The track features a nice catchy hook over a club ready instrumental. Ricky is certainly bringing out a new sound and style, and I feel that this track is the as club ready as any other.

Such a talented man, if you don’t know him, get to know him! As his bio on his website states:

“With his playfulness, his sensual falsetto, his hip hop dance moves, his broad appeal to a wide audience and his athletic and sexy physique, Ricky Jarman draws tons of “oohs” and “ahs” wherever he performs.”

Check out the new track by Ricky Jarman entitled “Get To Know Ya.” Or course, be on the lookout for his future releases and keep up with him at Support the track and get your copy off of iTunes here.