News: Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable

Pioneer brings back the turntable with the PLX-1000 Turntable!


Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a sad day when they decided to stop making the 1200s. I’m sure any DJ can agree with that.

DJs, there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Pioneer just announced the release of the Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable! We’ve all seen DJs start turning to controllers more and more, not that they are bad or anything like that. This was just evidence of the decline in turntable use. Shoot, I’ve even though about taking the controller route, but I’m still carrying those 1200 decks to each gig!

I think we were all excited with the tease of the new design several months ago, and today, the tease has become a reality. I’m very interested in testing them out, though it may be a while before I actually purchase a pair, after all, I do have three pairs of Tech 1200s, and a pair of Vestax PDX-2000’s … I’m not a hoarder, I swear!

Seeing videos and reading reviews on the Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable, the tables seem to be comparable to the 1200s. From what I see there is a seamless transition from the two, which is good news since it seem Pioneer is trying to market this table as the new industry standard. At least this is what is evident with their campaign that states; “club grade build and sound quality” and “precision engineered for the booth“.

With more and more controllers hitting the market, I’m interested to see where the PLX-1000s will take the industry, if anywhere. In the mean time I’ll be on the look out for a pair to at least try out.

Check out some of the features that are listed straight from the Pioneer website.

• High-torque direct drive (33⅓ rpm in 0.3 seconds)
• Classic DJ turntable layout
• Removable power, ground and phone cables
• S-shaped tone arm
• Multiple tempo control options: ±8%, ±16% and ±50%
• Tempo reset button
• Solid build for excellent vibration damping
• Professional-grade gold-plated RCA jacks
• Rubber-lined tone arm to improve isolation and prevent feedback

A couple that aren’t listed above are the the detachable RCA and power cables, which I think is awesome!!!

For a better look, check out the video below!