Nicki Minaj: The Night Is Still Young Music Video

The Night Is Still Young music video
Image: screenshot from The Night Is Still Young music video

Barbie drops the visuals to her new track, “The Night Is Still Young” and in two short days racks up more than 1.5 million views!

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Nicki, don’t get me wrong, I dig her music and I appreciate it, but I don’t think I’d have Nicki bumping on a Sunday morning while I clean house. This track however, perfect for the club! The lyrics discuss a sense of “YOLO” (do people still use that term??) and how the night is young, so live it up. I’ve played it out in the club, and seems to get mixed reactions. Some really like it, others not so much. This isn’t surprising though, it got mixed reviews from critics some stating it was plain, and other that it was merely catchy pop music.

The  video was shot in Downtown LA, and depicts a group of people out on the town. Meek Mill makes a cameo as he swoops by and picks Nicki up. The Night is Still Young music video was released on Tidal first on May 22nd, then on Nicki’s Vevo on May 26th. Nicki is definitely looking good in this video, so big props to her wardrobe team!

Check out the Night Is Still Young music video below, and let me know what you think of the track, is it a hit??