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Fifth Harmony All In My Head Music Video

Tuesday, June 28, 2016music...Comments
fifth harmony all in my head music video
Image: screenshot from “All In My Head” music video

Fifth Harmony teams up with Fetty Wap to bring us the video to their summer anthem “All In My Head.” This is the second single to their studio album 7/27 which was released earlier this year in May.

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Active Speakers vs. Passive Speakers for DJs

Sunday, June 19, 2016EquipmentComments

active speakers vs passive speakers

As a mobile DJ, there is often much deliberation on which speakers to purchase. Often, DJs look to purchase passive speakers. These speakers are defined as speakers that do not have a built in amplifier. Therefor, an external amplifier is needed to send power to the speakers. As a mobile DJ that has purchased and used both types of speakers, I believe that using active speakers is a pinnacle need for any mobile DJ.

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For DJs: Swapping Your Hard Drive to a Solid State Drive (SSD)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016discussionComments

Swapping Your Hard Drive to a Solid State Drive for DJs

Are you a DJ that’s thinking about swapping your hard drive to a solid state drive? There has always been debate on how to handle media storage on your laptop as a working DJ. Some update their internal disk drive to a larger capacity, and others use external hard drives. In recent years, solid state drives (SSD) have become more and more popular, especially among DJs. Solid State Drives come with several benefits including reliability, speed, and efficiency. I recently swapped out the 750GB HDD that was in my Macbook Pro with a 1TB Samsung 850 Evo Solid State Drive, and this is what I found during the process.

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Steph Lecor Saturday Music Video

Tuesday, April 5, 2016music...Comments
steph lecor saturday music video
Screenshot from Saturday music video

Steph Lecor broke the scene in 2009 when she decided to stop being a back up singer and pursue her solo career. The Miami raised singer was influenced by her father who was in a Haitian band. At a young age, she received vocal lessons that would later help her in her pursuit of entertainment.

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Might Not by Belly Ft. The Weeknd

Monday, March 21, 2016music...Comments
might not by belly
Image: screen shot from “Might Not” music video


This track has been gaining momentum week after week. Canadian rapper Belly released the track back in December. Belly also produced the track and is accompanied on it by The Weeknd. The down-tempo track has a somber tone that fits with the appropriate title “Might Not”. Along with that, the message is that of someone partying too hard in which the might not make it out. Check out the music video to Might Not by Belly featuring The Weeknd.

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Apple Music For DJs – Goodbye SoundCloud

Wednesday, March 16, 2016discussionComments
apple music for djs

For years now, DJs have been posting and ranting about the issues they face with SoundCloud. With mixes constantly being removed, SoundCloud has been the thorn in our side for some time now. There are plenty of other service sites that allow DJs and other artists to upload their work, and now, Apple Music is one of those alternatives!

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