New Music: Daft Punk – Get Lucky Ft. Pharrelle & Nile Rodgers


Check out Pharrell’s take on collaborating with “The Robots.”

First off, the new music, and the new direction is DOPE! Of course I like the previous work as well, but this new feel and vibe is something I have been looking for to rekindle the stale bubblegum music that’s out now-a-day. Definitely a breath of fresh air, and thirst quenching drink.

From an article in GQ Magazine, we learn that the duo is looking to do something different, that it won’t be EDM. Taking samples from other songs is no longer what fans will hear. It Seems that we will get to enjoy much more original content. This album is going to feature tracks that are more 70s funk based. Working with many different people that have all paved a way in the disco era.

The almbum is entitled Random Access Memories and is scheduled to be released May 17th. Be on the look out, in the mean time, check out the first single “Get Lucky.”

Here is the video of the song that aired on Saturday Night Live last Saturday.

Here is the official audio on YouTube!