New Aaliyah & Drake – Enough Said

There’s been a lot of hype about this track. Some are happy to hear this new track and others are a little skeptical. Although fans of Aaliyah are happy to hear her voice on a new track, others are upset that the heavyweights, Timbaland and Missy Elliott, were not included in the project. says that Timbaland states that it would only be right if him and Missy were included. He also states that he hadn’t been informed of what was going on with the new project.

Not only that, the lyrics that Drake wrote seem to stab at Chris Brown. Fans say it is disrespectful to have done that on a track which in a way is supposed to commemorate Aaliyah.

Bickering aside, (although I do feel Timbaland and Missy should have been a part of it AND Drake shouldn’t have made it a diss track) I feel that a project like this is huge, and to keep a memory and voice alive is really what should be the focus.

Check out the track below … what do y’all think? Comment below.