Narcos Theme Song “Tuyo”

narcos theme song tuyo pablo escobar

Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar in the Netflix Original Series “Narcos.”
Daniel Daza/Netflix

If you’re anything like me, you really get into TV shows, TV dramas to be more specific. Dexter, Breaking Bad, and now, Narcos. Why is it always the “bad’ shows that captivate us?! What ever the reason is, I feel a big part of a show’s success is the soundtrack. Narcos has a superb theme song that catches its audience’s attention. The song is called “Tuyo.”

Narcos theme song “Tuyo” was written specifically for the Netflix TV show by Rodrigo Amarante.Amarante is part of the Brazilian/American rock band Little Joy. Billboard spoke with him about the inspiration for the song. Below is his response.

So my approach was to humanize Pablo by writing a song that seemed like a view from the inside of the character, rather than a view from the outside. I had this idea to write a song that was his mother’s favorite when he was a kid, something that would influence his idea of the man that he would like to be. […] I didn’t want to make it a tango, but that was the route that I took. The way the lyrics are written and the way the production sounds is all about Pablo’s transition from childhood to manhood, which is what defines him. I wanted to deliver something romantic and deceivingly generous but if you listen to the lyrics you see that there’s a narcissistic point of view.

Not only is this the theme song for the series, but we got a glimpse of its importance in a scene where Pablo is meeting with “Cockroach” in a bar when the band starts to play the song. Pablo starts singing along, and from there, we know how important the song is.

The Narcos theme song was done beautifully, and if you’ve been watching the series, you know the tune as soon as it starts. The dreamy vocals over the Latin beat fit perfectly, and set the right mood for the show, a mood you can almost get lost in. It almost sounds like a serenade that you’d expect someone to be singing just below a balcony, and if you were wondering what the lyrics are or what they mean, see them below.

Soy el fuego que arde tu piel
Soy el agua que mata tu sed.
El castillo, la torre yo soy
La espada que guarda el caudal.
Tu el aire que respiro yo
Y la luz de la luna en el mar.
La garganta que ansio mojar
Que temo ahogar de amor.
Y cuales deseos me vas a dar
Dices tu, “mi tesoro basta con mirarlo,
Tuyo será, y tuyo será.”
I am the fire that burns your skin,
I am the water that kills your thirst.
The castle, the tower I am,
The sword that guards the fortune.
You, the air that I breathe,
and the light of the moon on the sea.
The throat that longs to be wet
That I’m afraid I’ll drown in love.
And which desires you are going to give me.
You say, “just look at my treasure
It will be yours, it will be yours.”