Local Love: That Kid


Gotta show love and support for the local scene once in a while. Meet That Kid. Check out the bio straight from his Reverb page:

“Born “Eric Lawrence Matthews” On October 19th 1990, In San Diego, California, Moved To Aurora, Colorado In The Winter Of 1997, At The Age Of 7.
Pretty Much Colorado Raised Since The Move, As A Kid Growin’ Up, Always Liked Music, And By The Time He Was 13, Watchin’ his Older Brothers, He Studied Music, Until He Invested In His First Studio At The Age Of 17.
Current Day, ~That Kid~ Produced, Kid Ka$h’s Playin’ Close EP, Dispicable’s First Flight EP, And Song For Local Artist & Friends, Like Dr.Haze Aka. Swizzy Sweetz, Young EB, Young D, Rufus, Young M.O.B., Nova… Ect.
At The Age Of 21, As A Producer Runnin’ A Home Studio, And New Wave Ent., It’s Been Hard Tryna Develop, A New Sound That Others Lack,… “Always Growin’ Up, I’ve Always Been Told I Was Unique With Anything I Do, And The People Who Don’t See It Right Away Later On Act Surprised, Inside Of Music, I’ve Always Been Told I Have A Smooth, And A Versatile Voice For Anything I Touch”
“If You Had To Compare My Style Of Production. I Get Kanye West A lot… But My Style Revolves Around, Kanye, Pharrell, Dre, 9th Wonder, J. Cole, Scott Storch, Marco Polo, Pete Rock And Dj Quik, Not All Most Certain Beats, You Can Hear A Distinct Pull In, The Sounds!… To Be Continued”

Now that you know a little bit about him, check out his music.