Kid Ink Be Real Music Video

kid ink be real music video
Image: Screenshot from the “Be Real” music video.

I’ve been digging this track, and I’ve been playing it out for several months now. I was excited when I saw that the single “Be Real” received visuals. The Kid Ink Music Video was released March 31st, a couple months after the single was released from the “Full Speed” album.

This track features Dej Loaf. Dej is based out of Detroit, Michigan and has quickly made her name in the music scene. Within the video, we see a lot of TV screens showing Kid Ink in various parts in his career. According to Mike Ho, the director of them music video, the the woman spreading blood on herself represents the “leeches” of the game. The women that are just looking for a quick come-up. Check out the behind the scenes video below too!