Katt Williams Gives Unforgettable “Performance”!

So, Katt Williams performed last night in Denver, I was DJing at my usual spot so I wasn’t able to personally attend, but I was kept informed of what was going on via Facebook updates.

I knew something went wrong when I see “did Katt Williams really just do that”, “WTF Katt?”, and “I just lost all respect for Katt” in the newsfeed.

So immediately I became curious of what happened. I tried contacting some friends that I knew were there but in the commotion they didn’t get back to me till later.

What I gather is this; Kat got on stage, started running around on stage “performing” to a song. Started taking off his shirt, continued to walk around pacing back and forth for a good while, not really saying anything. Until what seems like the crowd figured that this wasn’t part of the show. Williams gets confronted by a fan, then Williams proceeds to try to fight him. Cops and security break up the fight and Williams starts calling the fan a p***y. Then Williams begins to say how Denver sucks, not in those exact words but we gather that by saying that he wanted to include E-40 and Too Short in the show but he “knew” it would be a bust in Denver; it was Denver’s fault there wasn’t a show. Williams then says that everybody gets their money back, then throws the microphone up and leaves the stage. From what I hear, all this took about 10 minutes from when he walked on stage to when he left.

Some say that it was the heckler (a fan) that started it by confronting Williams about what he was doing, but what it really looks like is that Williams had something else going on in his mind; he was in his own personal world.

Check out some videos below: