Justin Bieber What Do You Mean?

justin bieber what do you mean
Image: Screenshot from What Do You Mean Music Video

Justin Bieber came out with a new single which he performed at the VMA’s, “What Do You Mean”. There is already some optimism with Bieber’s new track that it may be just what he needed to reach the Billboard No.1. As Billboard.com states:

Justin Bieber is set to rocket onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart, as his new single, “What Do You Mean?,” appears headed for a debut likely in the top five, if not No. 1, a milestone he’s yet to achieve. Bieber has climbed as high as No. 2 with “Boyfriend,” in 2012. – Billboard.com

Another take on the song has been noted with its lyrics, and as with anything ‘pop’ one can be sure that some controversy will ensue. Lena Dunham took to Twitter to show her disapproval of the new track and how it can be interpreted as perpetuating rape culture with lyrics like “when you nod your head yes, but you want to say no.” The music video certainly doesn’t help with the defense.

Although the official video for the single shows Bieber getting a bit racy with a girl in a bedroom, the lyrics to “What Do You Mean” are more about general relationship confusion than consent. As Dunham pointed out, the beginning of the chorus does sound a bit controversial, but other lines such as “You’re overprotective when I’m leaving / Trying to compromise but I can’t win” tells more of miscommunication than anything else. – Billboard.com

If you were to just listen to the track, perhaps you can get the idea of what the song is about, as it was meant to be interpreted by Bieber. When accompanied by the music video, that’s where things get a little blurred, especially with the ‘fake kidnapping’ that’s depicted in the video. I think this song is definitely going to be a popular one, and I’m sure that we’ll be seeing more in the headlines about it in the coming weeks.