Join The Street Team!

Hey all!

This is a great opportunity for y’all to get involved! We are looking for people that like to party, like to drink, and simply like to have a good time! Our main focus is Northern Colorado, but we also expand to other locations, like Boulder and Denver.

So what does this consist of? Pretty much what you do already. Posting on social media, talking to people, sending out emails, etc. The only difference is that you will be doing all of this for certain events. When you are available, we may need you to physically hand out flyers to people as well. These events can be anything from concerts, live shows, club nights, special events, and more.

All of this would be great help, we need as many people to know about these events as possible, and having a reliable network is the foundation to getting the word out.

What we can provide in return is free entry to events, free event tickets, VIP access, and free drinks tickets (to those over 21).

If all this sounds good, and you want to jump on board or you want a little more info, send an email to djnunez1 (at) gmail, make sure to add “Join the street team” in the subject.