Join me on tsu

Join me on tsu

There’s a lot of talk about social media and where it’s going and who is actually benefiting from it. One thing is for sure, the user and content creator are definitely not benefiting from it! That’s where tsu comes in! tsu, unlike the rest, pays the content creator. That’s right, just by using the social network, like Facebook or Twitter, you can get paid (but Facebook, Twitter and all the others don’t pay you). Have you read the terms and conditions of the social networks? Come on, who has. Well, anything you post, is not yours. Once you post it, it belongs to the social network. That’s where tsu is different also. All the content that is created by the user, belongs to the user. You own all the rights and the content is yours.

That’s why I’m heading over to tsu, and you can join me on tsu too!! Let’s build and network!

Here’s some more information so you get more of an idea of what tsu is about. And when you’re ready, come join me on tsu.