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Last week I packed my bags and made my way out to Reno. Little did I know I would be playing in the same city at DJ Spryte! Once I found out we’d be in the same city, I knew we’d have to link up and have a drink.

Last Saturday, Spryte, Chris English (another DJ doing big things in Reno), and I met up at one of the casino coffee shops. We started talking about our experiences, opening DJs, big name DJs, equipment, traveling, playing in casinos, and shared stories about DJing. Before we knew it, we had to part way to get ready for our gigs.

DJ Chris English DJ Nunez DJ Spryte
Chris English, Nuñez, Spryte

The same weekend, Spryte had released his 10th installment of S.T.A.Y. a mix series he’s been doing for a while now. With more than 51 tracks over 76 minutes, it’s no wonder why Spryte’s S.T.A.Y. mixes are among fan favorites. Looking on his socials, people were more than excited to get to listen to the new mix.

Spryte, in case you don’t know, is a DJ/producer based out of LA. Traveling consumes most of his life and it’s evident that he’s mastered that particular way of life. Every weekend he’s in a different city, whether it’s on his own as Spryte or with Made Monster. Aside from staying busy on the road, he’s constantly working on new music and edits. Which brings us to his brand new mix, S.T.A.Y. X. Below you’ll find his links, so make sure to follow him!



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