Follow Friday DJ Sol

Follow Friday DJ Sol
Photo from DJ Sol’s Facebook

Follow Friday DJ Sol

Straight from DJ Sol’s bio:

After gaining credit as the Central Coast’s top DJ, Sol’s next career accomplishment was marked when he began DJing on KWWV Wild 106.1 a rhythmic radio station based out of San Luis Obispo, California. Sol currently still holds down the #1 rated 5 O’clock Traffic Jam on Wild 106 on a weekday basis. Sol’s hard work, dedication, and passion for music are exemplified each time he releases a high-energy mix or rocks a crowd.

I’ve gotten to know Sol through working with This Bangs, which you should all check out! Sol is a dope dude, down to earth, and talented. His latest mix, Podcast 010, had me tuned in all day; I kept hitting replay! Such a dope mix that I had to shoot him a text to see where he was finding all of these tracks! He’s a pretty big deal out in Cali, and I’m hoping to get out there soon to work with him and the whole This Bangs Crew!

Check out the mix, and make sure to follow him!

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