Follow Friday – DJ Corona

follow friday - dj corona
Image: DJ Corona’s Facebook Page

Follow Friday – DJ Corona

DJ Corona, esta loca!!! I first met miss Corona when she was on the come up. I think at that time, which was a couple years back, she didn’t have a mix or anything that I could post about to support her. Now, she’s taking over the scene in Sin City!

We know a lot of the same people, which could be good or bad haha! But nonetheless, we keep in contact and I’m always supportive of her next big move. She moved out to Vegas to pursue what she loves, DJing. Of course Vegas is a hard market to break, just because of the number of DJs that go out there looking for their big break. That was an obstacle that didn’t phase Corona. She became part of the DefTal DJs (which we’re both part of) and started filling in gigs weekly, including one tonight at LAX inside Luxor. DefTal is an awesome company based in Las Vegas that handles entertainment booking for a lot of the Vegas venues, both on the Strip and off. Once she stepped forward with her right foot, there was no stopping her!

Her skills and passion for the craft have skyrocketed and it definitely shows! Having a background in music, she’s been able to turn that around to set herself up for super-stardom. Straight from her DefTal bio:

Growing up in Colorado Dj Corona came from a family where her father introduced her to the mobile Dj world. She would go alongside and help with the set ups and play for the crowds of weddings, corporate events, and house parties. Soon there after she transitioned into the night life and club scene where she discovered a mass variety of various music to integrate into her arsenal, from EDM, Top 40’s and Hip Hop.

follow friday dj corona
Image: DJ Corona’s Facebook Page
There are few DJs out there that really know the meaning on hunger, and grinding day in and day out. Corona is no stranger to this concept. Not only is she spinning some of the hottest venues, she also has a weekly radio show on DefTal Radio. From spreading her name in Denver to dropping the hottest tracks in Las Vegas, Corona is definitely a DJ to keep an eye on! Check out one of her latest mixes, and go follow her on her social media!

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