Follow Friday – DJ Brandon Lee

follow friday dj brandon lee
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Follow Friday – DJ Brandon Lee

I remember I had just turned 21 or 22 (something like that), and we walked into one of the hottest clubs in Colorado Springs. We decided to go out that night to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday. We ventured in to this club where Brandon Lee was spinning. I had heard a lot about him, and we may have communicated here and there online, but never had I met him in person, until this night.

Of course, the club was packed and everyone was sweaty … the one to blame, Brandon Lee. I finally went up and introduced myself, conversed a little bit, as much as you can in the middle of a DJ set, then sat back down with my group. A little bit later he shouted us out and gave a birthday shout out to Valerie.

522749_10151507231388491_23916940_nFast forward a few years, I realized I made an awesome connection. We keep in touch, and he’s always down to provide some great advice. I don’t think I’ve ever met such a down to earth guy who doesn’t mind lending out a hand. Though we are on complete opposite sides of the state, I know he’s one of the dudes I can count on.

When he’s not shutting down clubs, rocking your radio, and taking over the scene in Colorado Springs, which comes easy to him (after all he is the mastermind behind All Star DJs), he’s spending time with his family, and making his wife his #WCW every Wednesday! Hat’s off to this guy!

Make sure you check out DJ Brandon Lee and follow him online! Below you’ll find one of his old school mixes, listen and enjoy!


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