Follow Friday – DJ Alis (Nigeria)

This week, we have a Follow Friday Submission all the way from the other side of the world, Nigeria! Some know Nigeria as the “heart of African music” because of it’s development in West African music. According to, highlife and palm-wine music “fuses native rhythms with techniques imported from the Congo for the development of several popular styles that were unique to Nigeria.” Like other countries, Nigeria has it’s own regional and ethnic styles of music, many of which become popular and even reach international popularity.

This week, DJ Alis shares with us his mix, helping us get a little more cultured with world music. Alis is born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and is part of the M-two Datkindtin crew. Right now his vibing out to the M-two track, Ekaite.

Check out DJ Alis on Facebook, and vibe out to some West African music below.



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