Five More Hours Music Video

five more hours music video
Image: Screenshot from Five More Hours Music Video

Deorro has been hard at work recently! Ever since his announcement earlier this year that he would retire from DJing and focus on Panda Funk and helping others rise, his music seems to be getting a lot of attention. DJing has given him everything he needs, he said in his announcement, now it’s time to help others.

Deorro teams up with Chris Brown for this club banger, “Five More Hours.” In the video we see Chris Brown wanting to get to Coachella as his car breaks down. Luckily, a bus heading to Coachella is right there to save the day. The bus being driven by none other than Mr. Deorro himself!

Since the track released, I’ve been playing it out in the clubs and it’s been getting really good feedback. It’s even getting requests so it’s definitely resonating with listeners and audiences! I think it’s only a matter of time before it gets major attention and radio spins, good job Deorro!!! Check out the Five More Hours music video below!