Book: Eden’s Scarecrow: Real Eyes – Jeremiah Sanchez

I am blessed and privileged enough to be surrounded by so much talent. Talent that the people in my circle posses is unreal, and I’m not just talking about musical talent. In my circle there are poets, artists, graphic designers, models, DJs, etc.etc.etc. And among those, there are also authors!

1455120_10201582805266655_551188523_nA buddy of mine recently wrote a book, Eden’s Scarecrow: Real Eyes . The author, the one and only Jeremiah Sanchez. If you know him, not only do you know he can pass as a Hugh Jackman/Wolverine look-a-like, and he can probably lift a car, but you also know that this guy is a beast, and a very determined and passionate man. If you don’t know him, GET TO KNOW HIM! If you don’t believe a word of his description, fine I’ll provide a link to his FACEBOOK, find out for yourself!

Anyway, I’m about to order my copy! You should too! Click here to purchase your copy!.

Below is a synopsis of Eden’s Scarecrow: Real Eyes, the first part of this trilogy.

Paul is a heinous murderer. Hired by a local drug lord, he kills in cold blood, exacting lethal retribution on indebted narcotics scum. Any innocence in his path, he considers collateral damage. One night, after an exceptionally ruthless bloodbath, Paul gets struck by lightning. In addition to being burnt so badly that he’s left unrecognizable, he’s suddenly forced the terrifying ability to be able to physically see the angels and demons influencing humanity. They’re not ghosts or hallucinations. They’re vivid and real…very real. With the unbearable truth and horror of reality staring him in the face, he has no choice but to deal with the wretched evil that has consumed and controlled him his entire life, and maybe…maybe save his soul from eternal damnation.1016436_10202187992955969_1747117671_n With the help of his newly acquainted guardian angel, Barney, he will face the trials of hungry demons. Paul must deal with the consequences for his past and try to become someone, not only worth forgiving, but worth saving. In addition to his own inner tribulations, Paul must also uncover the truth behind a growing epidemic. The city of Eden is falling ill to what is being dismissed as simply a bad virus. The eyes of the infected are glazing over. Violent outbursts with animalistic growling are plaguing the populous. Authorities and doctors are baffled. The uninfected are terrified. But as the virus grows and the conditions worsen, only Paul can see the infection for what it really is. Real Eyes, the first installment of the Eden’s Scarecrow trilogy, brings readers along for a gruesomely supernatural ride. It will make you question what lurking shadows surround you, and ultimately, what unseen angels or demons might be whispering in your ear right now.

Eden’s Scarecrow: Real Eyes – Jeremiah Sanchez