People Can’t Stop Talking About Drake’s Hotline Bling Music Video

Hotline Bling Music Video
Image: Screenshot from Hotline Bling Music Video

The highly anticipated music video to Drake’s newest track just hit the web, and people can’t stop talking about it. “Hotline Bling” is currently number two on the Billboard Hot 100, creeping up on The Weeknd’s “The Hills.” It was said that the push of the music video might be what the track needs to make its way to the number one slot.

Drake took to Instagram on a rather deep post. Stating,

“No accolades really matter to me other than the fact that I have never had a billboard number one. If I get my first number one during the month of October it will be the biggest moment of my career to date (in my mind)…”


Fans were excited to learn that the track was soon to be accompanied by visuals and that it would be released on October 19th. The video opens with a video vixen grabbing a cup of water, almost immediately we learn that the setting is a type of call center (a “love” call center), certainly fitting for the song. Then we shoot over to Drake dancing in an illuminated cube, and that’s when the internet went crazy.

What people keep talking about is the fact that Drake seems to do a lot of “dancing” throughout the video, a lot! Inevitably, people took to social media to post memes about the video and Drizzy’s dancing skills. Not only are there memes floating around, people took their video editing skills and made some pretty hilarious mashups to the song.

Drake’s new iPod ad

drake hotline bling music video

Drake dancing like Carlton

drake hotline bling music video

An awesome mashup


The “Dad Dance”




Some Latin Flavor


Certainly, Drake’s dance moves are going to make a lot of dudes more confident in the club. Both Drake and the new Hotline Bling music video are definitely getting some attention, this might be the push the song needs to get into the number one Billboard position. Enough with the parodies and the memes, check out the official Hotline Bling music video below!

The Official Hotline Bling Music Video