Introducing The Pioneer DJM-S9 Mixer

DJM-S9 Mixer
image: Pioneer DJ website

The blogs exploded this morning when Pioneer DJ released details about their new Battle Ready DJM-S9 Mixer. The company released a teaser video, and this morning they released the full video explaining the different features as well as a break down of what the mixer looks like and how it functions.

Legendary Jazzy Jeff narrates the video, and gives his thoughts on the mixer as well. We also see several heavy-hitters of the DJ realm like DJ QBert, Eskei83, and D-Styles. They too give their thoughts about the mixer and express what they like about it.

A big feature that I think a lot of scratch DJs in particular will be excited about is the highly customizable cross fader, as well as the rubber bumpers to eliminate the clicking noise of the cross fader. Of course, what kind of mixer now a days doesn’t have dual USB connections to allow easy transitions between two DJs? The question on every DJs mind, and a problem Pioneer is good about rectifying, which is why they have included dual USB ports on the DJM-S9.

This Serato DJ mixer is built with battling in mind, but as Jazzy Jeff puts it, it can be “everybody’s party rocking mixer.”

DJM-S9 Mixer
image: Pioneer DJ website

-Tough, responsive Magvel Fader Pro for precision scratch performances
-Multi-coloured Performance Pads for physical performances
-Customisable buttons give access to a host of on-board and Serato DJ FX
-Two USB soundcards, four-deck support and top-loaded input switcher
-Pro-DJ design for accurate sound reproduction

DJs all over are extremely excited about the new DJM-S9 mixer, and with good reason! Pioneer seems to be taking the lead in DJ products, and everything they come out with seems to be the new standard as far as DJ preference. According to “the DJM-S9 will be available in late Fall 2015, with a suggested retail price of $1699. A limited edition gold DJM-S9-N will also be available with a suggested retail price of $1799.” Will it live up to the hype? For now, check out a full breakdown of features for the DJM-S9 mixer on the Pioneer DJ website and check out the video below.