DJ Snake You Know You Like It

dj snake you know you like it
Photo: Screen Capture from “You Know You Like It” music video

DJ Snake – You Know You Like It Music Video

Straight out of Paris, the poker-faced DJ Snake is putting out some good work! Most recently famed for “Turn Down For What” with Lil Jon that got him a Grammy nomination.

The video to his next piece of work kicked off 2015 in the right direction for him. A couple days before the new year DJ Snake released the music to “You Know You Like It” which is very artistic and seems to have a lot of meaning behind the visuals. In the DJ Snake You Know You Like It music video, we see an ape as the main character. This video turned into a sort of ‘day in the life’ depiction. Perhaps the ape represents our primitive side that needs the basics to survive, food, shelter, water, and emotional support like love and joy.

It seems he’s not getting any of what he needs on his own so he goes out looking for it; like hitting the strip club to feel wanted and ‘loved.’ That’s just a quick look into the meaning of everything, I’m sure there is more as I view it more and more. For now, check out the official DJ Snake You Know You Like It music video.