Video: DJ Snake – Turn Down For What Music Video


Needless to say, this track has gotten some MAJOR attention, and has become the anthem for parties, and party goers! DJ Snake announced via Facebook the premiere of the music video to “Turn Down For What,” and I immediately jumped on it!

So, the video … I really have no idea what the heck I just saw!! Haha. I had a feeling it was going to be a crazy video just because of the context of the song, but I was really thrown for a loop with this one! Of course we see party scenes, and at the beginning we see an Asian dude who looks like he’s about to morph. He first starts by breaking through the ground (we later learn hes pretty indestructible), then starts crumping, humping, then twerking of all things!

He gets hit a few times from a woman who feels he has intruded on her but deflects the blows with his bionic man parts – watch and you’ll know what I mean. Then they both partake in the crumping and twerking, and what have you, all the while breaking through the ground to different levels of the building (I suppose you can say this video is ground breaking, ha). Oh, and we see a lot of parts of the human body raving to the music as well … again, not sure why, but its there. At the end, we see everyone turning down, and sleeping, except for one special part – then … cut to black.

So, there you have it, the “Turn Down For Whatmusic video. Raving, face-melting, crumping, humping, twerking, “bouncing,” all in one. Has it brought humankind a step forward in the right direction, mehhhhh, but it was entertaining. Check it out below!


Turn Down For What Music Video