DJ Nuñez & Hasan Salaam @ Cervantes

It wasn’t too long ago that I had the pleasure of working with Hasan Salaam when he came to perform at Colorado State University. We connected and exchanged numbers and shortly he hit me up saying he would be in Denver and wanted me to be his DJ for the show he was doing here.

Hasan is a really cool dude, very educated, really down to earth and I really enjoyed working with him. The best part is, his music is great, in my opinion. Not only is it good, but its powerful. Meaning that the lyrics and the message behind the music leave an impact.

So tonight, come out to Cervantes in Denver I’ll be spinning for him and catch him once again along with other great performances! More info can be found here.

Check out some of his videos below, and don’t forget to follow him: Facebook and Website