DJ Khaled Booed at EDC

DJ Khaled was on stage at EDC this past weekend and unfortunately, EDC goers did not approve.

In the midst of claiming that the sound was cutting off, and that his set was sabotaged, Khaled was booed off the EDC stage. On an Instagram post, Khaled stated,

“They cut my time short and they had me back stage for a hour and half and the sound kept breaking … then I heard my fans and I said I’m go out even if the sound cuts off and even if they cut my time short … I’m here for my fans even if the sound man and promoter don’t have there stuff together I forgive them thoe love is the ????!!! MY FANS CAME OUT ! SO I CAME OUT !! NO MATTER WHAT! BLESS UP!!”


From seeing friends posts on SnapChat and Instagram, it seems that a lot of fans were not happy with DJ Khaled. Some were booing and chanting “Yellow Claw” during Khaled’s set.

DJ Denco snapped this photo while at EDC:

dj denco dj khaled

Watching Khaled’s set was painful and cringeworthy. As the video below depicts, the crowd was getting very restless and yelling “play some music” while Khaled tried to keep the audience engaged.

Throughout his time on stage, he shouted out his fans, and reminded them that his new album is dropping this Friday. It could just be that I’m skeptical, but if you ask me, I’d say this “fail” was staged. As you see in the video above, the sound guy comes on, plays a song that “disrespected” Khaled’s set, then the sound guy promptly walks off. Sound problems? Or a publicity stunt to push his new album?

Whether staged or not, the crowd was definitely not feeling DJ Khaled at EDC. The crowd was not receptive and I think they had a good reason not to be feeling him that night.