Diplo Color Blind Music Video Featuring Lil Xan

color blind music video diplo and lil xan
screenshot: YouTube

Off Diplo’s new EP, California, we have this unique sounding track, Color Blind.

Diplo teams up with several rappers for his new EP, and among the guests is Lil Xan. Diplo released Color Blind with the help of Lil Xan. The music video is comprised of scenes that cut from a house party to a gas station and then to an open field where Lil Xan lays on his car which is eventually lit on fire.

The camera work and effects show the juxtaposition of the hectic party life that Lil Xan and Diplo are engaged in, to ending alone with what seems like dark thoughts circling around.

Check out the Color Blind music video below and see how the story unfolds.