Deorro ‘Perdoname’

Deorro 'Perdoname'

Listening to other DJ‘s mixes sometimes I discover new music that I gotta have! This is the case with this track! This is Deorro ‘Perdoname’ featuring Adrian Delgado & DyCy. With some electro-dance and a hint of deep house and funk, then laced with some Spanish vocals this track can be a big hit in the club. Personally, I’m really digging the vibe! ‘Perdoname’ was released a few months back and has gotten some good review but not as much as I feel that it deserves. DJs, support this track!

Perdoname means forgive me and this track features two lovers singing back an forth to each other. The man is trying to win her back after a mistake he made that left her “suffering”, and he’s begging for forgiveness to get her back.

Check out this track! You won’t be disappointed!