Closer Music Video by The Chainsmokers

closer music video
Image: screenshot from Closer music video

The visuals to the Billboard #1 hit is finally here! The Chainsmokers released the video to the hit, “Closer”.

The track Closer by The Chainsmokers has been number one for weeks now. The track was released back in July, and was a smash hit right away. The song had all the ingredients for being a hit, a catchy chorus, nice beat, and overall simplicity. It’s no wonder it’s topping the charts in several countries.

The music video accompanied the hit this morning. The visuals show the group at a bar and undeniably, there are some romantic tensions, as the song eludes to. Both Drew Taggart (of The Chainsmokers) and Halsey do a great job of portraying their romantic interest throughout. As the couple reunite, we see flashbacks of when they were together, then ends with Drew following Halsey out of the bar. The videography does a great job of giving the video an overall intimate feel by keeping the focus on the couple depicted in the video.

“Closer” is a single off of their upcoming album, College, set to release at the beginning of November. While we wait for the album release, check out the Closer music video by The Chainsmokers.