Champagne 6 To Launch New Series

champagne 6
Image: YouTube Screenshot – J Harley Media

Halloween weekend is a busy weekend for most of us — whether DJing events, attending parties, or haunted-house-hopping, there’s always something going on. This past Halloween weekend I DJed and ran audio for this awesome company, Champagne 6.

Champagne 6 was in need of a DJ for their Sexy Halloween show in Denver and I was lucky enough to be the one to DJ for them. We ran through the show once as dress rehearsal, so I got a sneak-peak before everyone else. I knew the show was going to be good!

The venue was packed, and filled with enthusiasm and support for this talented group. Filming was taking place during the show, as they’re filming footage for a reality show series. Their YouTube video description explains what they’re trying to accomplish with their video series:

“Directed by mother daughter choreography team “Katt & Jazz” Champagne 6 is a brand new series about what it takes to become the next big “It” in professional dance troupes in a business already brimming with prima donnas, and diva beauties. Watch as Denver, Colorado is taken over by a ballesque dance company (ballet and burlesque), and follow the dancing and drama as each girl battles her personal demons of alcoholism, financial ruin, and as some risk losing family members and friends over their decision to be a part of this new girl group Champagne 6.” – YouTube


As their Facebook description states, Champagne 6 is a dance company that is fusing ballet and Burlesque, or rather, Ballesque. As the name states, the group is made up of 6 young women that all have backgrounds in choreographed dance. Artistic Director Kat Lairsmith has choreographed Burlesque for 15 years and enjoys keeping that classic vision alive as Creative Director JAZZ has a more urban pop view. Together they fuse aspects of their visions to create this dynamic, artistic and dramatic style of dance.

We’re all excited about the new series from Champagne 6! The recap produced by J Harley Media from the Sexy Halloween show serves as the trailer to the new series that the company is working on. Check it out!