Champagne 6 To Launch New Series

champagne 6
Image: YouTube Screenshot – J Harley Media

Halloween weekend is a busy weekend for most of us — whether DJing events, attending parties, or haunted-house-hopping, there’s always something going on. This past Halloween weekend I DJed and ran audio for this awesome company, Champagne 6.

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The Most Bad Ones (Pitbull’s Dancers)

pitbull dancers

The Most Bad Ones, The Ladies Behind the Man of the World.

(Grab somebody sexy, tell ‘em hey)

Have you ever wondered who the gorgeous women behind Pitbull are? If you’re like me and go to Pitbull concerts any chance you can, you might be as curious as I was. While most artist have backup dancers, Mr. WorldWide has a team of 6 backup dancers who Pitbull has named, “The Most Bad Ones”. I know, I know you’re probably thinking, “terrible grammar” but when you’re taking over the world you do what you want.

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Narcos Theme Song “Tuyo”

narcos theme song tuyo pablo escobar

Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar in the Netflix Original Series “Narcos.”
Daniel Daza/Netflix

If you’re anything like me, you really get into TV shows, TV dramas to be more specific. Dexter, Breaking Bad, and now, Narcos. Why is it always the “bad’ shows that captivate us?! What ever the reason is, I feel a big part of a show’s success is the soundtrack. Narcos has a superb theme song that catches its audience’s attention. The song is called “Tuyo.”

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer
image: screenshot from The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

At the end of season 5, we were left hanging and wondering what the heck is happening. One thing is for sure, we were left with the hint that Rick is getting to be someone completely different that we’re used to. Rick said it himself that they need to take control of Alexandria and this trailer seems to prove that point and shows Rick going straight into “take-over” mode.

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