Bow Wow Lays On A Bunch Of Dollar Bills

bow wow lays on dollar bills
Image: Twitter

For some reason, Bow Wow thought it appropriate to lay on a bunch of cash. More so, a bunch of dollar bills, and the internet showed no mercy!

Bow Wow lays on a bunch of dollar bills, and comments ranged from ‘you’re hot’ to asking if he he’s laying in a strip club. There are several questions that come from this photo, like who took the pic, who he’s talking to on the phone, and why there are two phones in the photo.

Bow Wow is no stranger to social media criticism, and he seems to like the attention (or else why would he continue to do things that evoke meme worthy social media posts?).

Some are wondering if Bow Wow really is broke after seeing this photo. Where others are wondering if he took to stripping and hung up his hat on other aspects of his career. We’ll let you decide for yourself.