B!tch Better Have My Money Music Video

bitch better have my money music video
image: screenshot bbhmm music video

Before you continue reading, viewer and reader discretion is advised. We see a whole new side to RiRi with these visuals that accompany the club banger “BBHMM.”  In the video we see an obvious kidnapping and ransom situation. It seems as though everyone except the woman was in on this plot.

Rihanna so gracefully and effortlessly kidnaps the woman in the elevator and puts her in a large trunk. From there they head over to an abandoned warehouse where RiRi tries to contact the husband (which presumably is an accomplice as well) to collect the ransom. It seems as though the plan is foiled when the husbands refuses to pay. Now RiRi and her accomplices bring the kidnapped woman around with them as they try to figure out their situation.

At this time, the kidnappers bring the woman back home to where they find “The Accountant” or as the track labels him, “the bitch.” The accountant is obviously in on it as we see a shot where he has a very guilty look on his face right before the woman leaves the apartment. He decided to keep the funds for himself which lands him in the place of the woman and is now tied up, facing a grim future.

In the Bitch Better Have My Money music video, we certainly see a new and more violent side of Rihanna, after all, we do see her covered in blood laying on a trunk full of cash at the end.