Recap: Austin Texas and DJ LX

avatars-000039761361-3iqyqj-t500x500A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to check out the party scene in Austin, Texas. We took a road trip down to help my girlfriend’s sister move. We packed up the U-Haul and the SUV; Sharon, Tanner, and Isaiah in one vehicle, and Valerie and I in another, and off we went! While in Austin, I made a connection with a DJ that is doing some major things in Texas, and and all over! His name, DJ LX, some may know him as DJ LXATX. Though he may be known by different names, the talent and drive is the same either way. It was great to check out Austin Texas and DJ LX.

10580161_10152482602847326_5746561667311260421_nI was able to spin with LX at Lit Lounge while visiting Austin. Lit Lounge as well as 6th Street as a whole was awesome!! I can’t wait to go back and do more! Not only was Lit Lounge awesome, but the hospitality that LX, Jay Rezon, and everyone showed was phenomenal! Even though I was tired as hell (since we just got done driving from Colorado) the vibe was great. The music playing was house as I walked in, and everyone was vibing to it. Occasionally some trap/twerk was played with a seamless transition and just like the transition, people jammed to the different style of music seamlessly.

Aside from getting away, enjoying a little vacation, and paddle boarding in Ladybird Lake with great people and family, this was a great business opportunity. DJ LX was a dope person to meet while I was in Austin, and I definitely had a great time visiting for the amount of time I was there. I’ll be back, hopefully sooner than later!

Check out DJ LX and listen to his twerk mix, you won’t be disappointed!