AKM – Up and Coming Artist

Andrew, also known as AKM has definitely came a long way! Me and him go back, like high school days back. We met when we both had no idea what this music thing was. I barely had a dozen records and two turntables and he had a drum machine and mixer/recorder. We’ve both come a long way, and I can say that I have enjoyed seeing him grow from where he started. He has definitely changed his style and now I can say that I see ‘Andrew’ through AKM’s music instead of just some other rapper. He’s definitely someone to keep an eye on and someone to follow. Check out his Facebook here. And his Reverb Nation page here.

Learn more from his bio below:

AKM (Born Andrew Kent Meyers on 9-16-1990) Is a musician from Colorado. He got into music spending hours making mix-tapes of his Dads classic rock records. He asked his parents for a drum set but they couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to put up with the noise. His sister had an electric keyboard so he learned that instead. He started making his beats but had no one to produce to start writing his own songs. In 2009 we was the drummer in Salt but quit to focus on his own career. AKM works with Sean Divine and makes his own beats using Native Instruments, Pro Tools and a midi controller. In 2012 he started his first Major project “Rock City” Including Live recordings by Ethan Roth on Guitar and himself on Drums. AKM Records at Denver’s premier studio, Side 3.