Active Speakers vs. Passive Speakers for DJs

active speakers vs passive speakers

As a mobile DJ, there is often much deliberation on which speakers to purchase. Often, DJs look to purchase passive speakers. These speakers are defined as speakers that do not have a built in amplifier. Therefor, an external amplifier is needed to send power to the speakers. As a mobile DJ that has purchased and used both types of speakers, I believe that using active speakers is a pinnacle need for any mobile DJ.

To begin, when buying passive speakers, they often appear as the cheaper and more efficient use of money. They are often slightly cheaper than active speakers. However, the price tag is a hoax. In addition to buying the passive speakers, you could be looking at buying an additional 300$ amp. This usually makes their value much less than active speakers. For any beginner mobile DJs, stay away from passive speakers. Or, make sure to keep into consideration the cost of purchasing an amplifier.

The most beneficial thing about using active speakers is the overall convenience factor. When using active speakers, the set up is much simpler because the wiring from the mixer to the amp is removed. To set up a pair of active speakers, all you have to do is plug both the speakers into the wall and then connect them to your DJ controller. This makes set up and tear down a piece of cake – which is important for any mobile DJ.

As a mobile DJ, the two most important things are music selection/ mixing and also the appearance one portrays to his audience. For example, the cleanliness of his or her booth, the outfit he chose to wear, etc. With the use of passive speakers, you are forced to use nearly double the wires to connect the speakers. Often, this can make your booth look like a jumbled mess. As a DJ that has worked alongside other DJs, a lot of people forget about the importance of appearance. You do not just attend an event to please the client. The secondary goal is to book another show. Therefor, if you can impress your audience with music selection and overall professionalism, the chances of booking your next show are much higher.

If you are a DJ looking to buy a new set of speakers, active speakers are a must!

Post Author: DJ Diaz