5 Reasons You Should Never Become a DJ

Have you thought about becoming a DJ? Well, I have news for you. After ten years behind the turntables I’ve seen a thing or two. Sure, we’ve all seen the glorification of DJs and producers. Especially recently where DJs are the new rock stars. There’s a few things you don’t see though. I’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons you should never become a DJ.


Sure, you can live off of playing clubs, but some DJs make millions, even billions of dollars a year, what would you even do with all that money?!



Whether you are a female DJ or a male DJ, attention is inevitable. You can never walk into a club or do your job without somebody coming up to you and talking to you, as if you’re a superstar.


VIP Treatment

You can’t go to a club and just be a regular patron. You probably know the management, and probably know the DJ, so what happens? You get your own booth to sit at, and probably free drinks. DJs just can’t be normal!



You can’t just listen to music, you have to play it, manipulate it, and create art from what’s already existing. You have to really use your creativity, eventually making it your paycheck.



It’s bad enough you have to go on travel, but now you have to showcase your talent in a different city, to a new audience, all the while seeing the world and new parts of the country.


Bonus: No Day Job

Why would anyone want to be abnormal and go against society?? People look at you funny when you don’t have a day job…


It’s such a tough life. Trust me kids, you “don’t” want to be a DJ!

So there you have it folks. The truth behind what it means to be a DJ. Being a DJ is more than just looking cool. There are a lot of things you have to deal with, being good with money and business, receiving a lot of attention, traveling and working non-stop with music. So if any of the items above rub you the wrong way, then you’re just not cut out to be a DJ. Ten years ago, someone once asked me, “are you sure you’re ready for this?” Foolishly, I said yes.

*Images: stocksnap.io